The Green Knight returns with an 2021 movie

According to Warner Bros, this The Green Knight film will serve as a sequel to the original trilogy. Its format will be anime and the premiere will coincide with that of the series based on the same franchise that the Spanish J.A. Bayona for Amazon Studios, although they are completely independent projects.

The plot of the film will begin hundreds of years before the stories of JRR Tolkien and will have a direct connection with the second installment: “The Green Knight full movie“, since it will tell the story of the fortress of Helm’s Deep, where the main battle was fought of the movie.

According to what they announced, Philippa Boyens, scriptwriter of the three original films of “The Green Knight”, will return to work on this film that will be directed by the Japanese Kenji Kamiyama, who already has extensive experience in anime after taking over Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2004). If we go back even further in his history, we can find his participation as an artist in Akira’s feature film (1988) and in Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989). She will also co-direct Blade Runner: Black Lotus alongside Shinji Aramaki.

The series about the world of “The Green Knight”, produced by Bayona for Amazon, will be set “thousands of years before” the events narrated in “The Hobbit” and in the story of J.R.R. Tolkien and will have a budget of $ 465 million for its first season.

“I can say that Amazon is going to spend 465 million dollars in a single season. It’s fantastic, it really is. It will be the largest television series ever made, ”Stuart Nash, Minister of Tourism and Economic Development of New Zealand, the country where the project will be shot, said in an interview.

The Green Knight: War of the Rohirrim takes place 250 years before the original trilogy. The story will focus on Helm Hammerhand, former King of Rohan. As its title implies, the plot will be bolstered by the War of the Rohirrim, an epic confrontation that “shapes Middle-earth”; as well as some unknown events about Helm’s Deep.