The Green Knight presents its enigmatic posters ahead of its premiere

The Green Knight may be one of the most anticipated adventure and fantasy films of this year. The film comes from the hand of A24 (Midsommar, Hereditary) and will introduce us to Dev Patel in the role of the knight of the Round Table Sir Gawain. In charge of the direction and the libretto we discovered David Lowery (A Ghost Story, Peter and the dragon), and today we were able to enjoy the first posters of him. The film will debut on July 30 in the United States, although it still has no date in Spain.

The Green Knight will put the magnifying glass on the story of Sir Gawain (Dev Patel), a knight of the Round Table who will have to show his worth by facing The Green Knight full movie or Green Giant (Ralph Ineson). In the posters we can also discover Lady (Alicia Vikander) and Lord (Joel Edgerton), accompanied by a blindfolded woman and an adorable fox who also turns his back on us in this promotional material.

Thanks to its trailer and these first posters, we can safely say that The Green Knight will be a title that will fit very well in the A24 library. In the catalog of this production company we also find such acclaimed films as The VVitch and El Faro by Robert Eggers, as well as Lady Bird, Moonlight or Rough Diamonds.

When it comes to explaining the plot of The Green Knight we have to go back to Arthurian legends: our hero, who is also King Arthur’s nephew, will have to prove his worth on a journey that will be full of ghosts, giants and thieves . This odyssey will take you to the Green Knight, charged with showing whether or not knights are worthy of being. The film has received an adult rating for its “violence, some sexuality, and graphic nudity.”