Dev Patel to Star in Chippendales Film

The film focused on the murders surrounding the iconic Chippendales male striptease franchise has found its protagonist in Dev Patel.

The ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ star joins the project directed by Craig Gillespie, The Green Knight full movie the current manager of the new Cruella de Vil film and the filmmaker behind the Oscar nominee, ‘I, Tonya’. The film will focus on the rise and fall of Somen Banerjee, the co-founder of Chippendales.

In the still untitled production we will learn the steps from the founding of the multi-million dollar franchise, to what led him to be accused of conspiracy to the murder of three of his business partners.

According to sources, Banerjee not only hired the hitmen to eliminate the Chippendales competition, but also orchestrated the murder of the company’s dance choreographer Nick De Noia.

The film will also feature Banerjee’s partner, Paul Snider, the husband and defendant in the murder of Playboy model Dorothy Stratten; as well as other actors in the history of violence that surrounded the erotic dance company.

Patel will play Banerjee, while it is not yet revealed that other stars will be part of the project. If we are objective we believe that the best way to explain what the film will be about is to summarize it in a kind of ‘Tiger King’ with ‘Hustlers’, a mix between the assassination plot and the fame of an adult club.

So far, any advance about scripts, locations and recordings is unknown, therefore, it is almost impossible to say that the film will be released next year. Especially since Gillespie has his hands on the Disney project and Patel a medieval fantasy by David Lowery, ‘The Green Knight’.

With this understanding, it is possible that the tape about the Chippendales murders will be released by 2022, but they are just guesswork on our part.