Dev Patel: “These are very positive times for diversity”

That he was chosen to play the alter ego of Charles Dickens in The Incredible Story of David Copperfield by director Armando Ianucci is a clear example of how things have evolved in the film industry, especially considering that during most Part of his career Dev Patel had to settle for characters that had some connection with being the son of Kenyans of Indian origin who emigrated to London.

His Oscar nomination for Lion, added to the popularity he obtained for his leading role in the multi-award-winning Slumdog Millonaire, placed him The Green Knight full movie in a privileged situation in which little by little the color of his skin has ceased to be a limitation. After his leading role in the adaptation of Dickens’s eighth novel that arrives this week on the Movistar platform, we will see him in The Green Knight, David Lowery’s new film in which he shares the bill with Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton and in the who embodies the nephew of King Arthur, the legendary Sir Gawain.

It’s funny, because in England we hear a lot about Dickens at school, but I had never read David Copperfield. So when I had my first meeting with Armando Ianucci to talk about this project, I thought it was a movie about the magician. The interesting thing about David Copperfield is that he is actually Charles Dickens.

The novel is about his life and the people he met. It’s a very strong story about someone who becomes a writer and manages to earn his place in the world. In that sense it was a real discovery for me. Beyond Oliver Twist, he hadn’t paid much attention to Dickens. With some distance I perceived him as a somewhat gloomy author, but in this film Armando discovers his sense of humor and some messages for the world that I never associated with his texts that we studied at school and that were quite depressing, but Armando found in this book a remarkable optimism and a way of enjoying the planet that changed my way of seeing him as an author.